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“We're a company founded by CPAs, for CPAs. See how we get firms paid in days instead of months, increase incoming work, and improve client satisfaction.”


“QuickFee has been our preferred source of finance for certain clients who need assistance to pay our fees, they are fast and efficient in all dealings, and have shown flexibility even with clients who needed to change their arrangements along the way.”

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Clients want options and QuickFee has them

For both your firm and your clients, we keep it simple. QuickFee delivers a custom-branded payment portal within 48 hours, linked on your website and invoices! Clients will be a few clicks away from paying by credit card, ACH, or QuickFee's unique payment plan (see below!).

The Payment Plan Option

Payment delays are often due to cash flow issues, and a client's inability to pay can make both parties uncomfortable. To make matters worse, clients in arrears tend to avoid requesting new work. That's where QuickFee comes in. QuickFee will loan your clients the funds to pay you immediately, and they pay us back monthly*Best of all, clients who choose this option pay the interest - NOT YOU!

*minimum loan size is $2000 ($5000 in California)

future proof your firm with online payments

“QuickFee has allowed our firm to add value to client relationships by offering a flexible payment arrangement. It separates delivering quality service to clients from the payment and collection.”

“QuickFee is an important tool for receivable management within our business. The ease of use and integration with our website allows our staff and clients to manage debt much more efficiently. We would not hesitate in recommending this for any business wanting to ‘control’ their debtors and improve cash flow.”

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Payment Portal Features & Benefits

Provide Clients Options
Accept ACH, all major credit cards, and QuickFee financed payments.

Save Major $$
Accept electronic payments instantly, instead of manually processing check payments. Plus, enjoy lower credit card merchant fees. 

Save Your 
Firm Time
Spend less time chasing down payments, and manually process fewer checks  (total cost of sending and processing paper checks is $4-$20 each, between your firm and the client!).

Save Your 
Clients’ Time
Clients can ditch the laborious task of mailing you checks. Plus they can pay multiple invoices with a single transaction on your payment portal. 

Accept Payments 24/7
Ten percent of the payments QuickFee processes are on weekends, and many come at all hours of night. Let your clients pay when it’s convenient for them, and get paid while you sleep!    

Amazing Customer Support
Pick up the phone and call. Our team prides itself on being available to our clients.     

Compatible with Industry Software & Solutions

Enjoy Top-Level Security
Our merchant processing services are Level 1 PCI Compliant, the best you can get.